Contest Updates

# Contest Title Date
1Wedding Cake Decorating2024 State-Only Contest Details12/22/2023
2Landscaping/Horticulture2024 State-Only Contest Details12/22/2023
3Digital Cinema Production2024 State Contest Details12/21/2023
4Basic Masonry2024 State-Only Contest Details12/21/2023
5Masonry2024 State Contest Details12/21/2023
6State Banner Design2024 State Contest Details12/21/2023
7Television (Video) Production2024 State Contest Details12/21/2023
8Advertising Design2024 State Contest Details12/19/2023
9Pin Design2024 State Contest Details12/19/2023
10Screen Printing Technology2024 State Contest Details12/19/2023
11Barbering2024 State Contest Details12/19/2023
12T-Shirt Design2024 State Contest Details12/19/2023
13Graphic Arts2024 State-Only Contest Details12/19/2023
14Basic Elect. Residential Wiring2024 State-Only Contest Details12/18/2023
15Manikin Fantasy Make-up2024 State-Only Contest Details12/13/2023
16Electrical Construction Wiring2024 State Contest Details12/11/2023
17Culinary Arts2024 State Contest Details12/11/2023
18Restaurant Service2024 State Contest Details12/11/2023
19MRE Culinary Challenge2024 State-Only Contest Details12/11/2023
20Cabinetmaking2024 State Contest Details12/09/2023
21Commercial Bakers Aide2024 State-Only Contest Details12/09/2023
22Finish Carpentry2024 State-Only Contest Update12/05/2023
23Carpentry2024 State Contest Details12/04/2023
24Technology Display2024 State-Only Contest Details12/04/2023
25Team Skills Demo2024 State-Only Contest Details12/04/2023
26Safety Display2024 State-Only Contest Details12/04/2023
27Basic Construction2024 State-Only Contest Details12/04/2023
28Industrial Motor Control2024 State Contest Details12/04/2023
29Food Service2024 State-Only Contest Details12/04/2023
30Basic Elect. Residential WiringNew State-Only Contest Details12/04/2023
31Ornamental Iron Design2024 State-Only Contest Details12/04/2023
32Custom Automotive Painting2024 State-Only Contest Details12/04/2023
33Performing Arts2024 State-Only Contest Details12/04/2023
34Culinary Arts Quiz BowlNew State-Only Contest Details12/04/2023
35HVACR2024 State Contest Details11/30/2023
36Cosmetology Knowledge Bowl2024 State-Only Contest Details11/29/2023
37Cosmetology2024 State Contest Details11/29/2023
38Esthetics2024 State Contest Details11/28/2023
39Nail Care2024 State Contest Details11/28/2023
40Design and Build Plywood Challenge2024 State Contest Details 11/28/2023
41Braiding & Extensions2024 State-Only Contest Details11/21/2023
42Cosmetology Novice 2024 State-Only Contest Details11/21/2023
43Welding2024 Tool List02/20/2024
44Audio/Radio Production2024 State Contest Details02/20/2024
45Food ServiceAddendum to Required Food List02/20/2024
46Video News Production (formerly Broadcast News)2024 State Contest Details02/20/2024
47Welding Fabrication2024 Tol List02/20/2024
48TeamWorksProject Plans and Construction Info02/14/2024
49Welding2024 State Contest Project02/09/2024
50Welding Fabrication2024 State Contest Project02/09/2024
51Web Design2024 State Contest Details02/08/2024
52Plumbing2024 State Contest Details02/08/2024
53Early Childhood Education2024 State Contest Details02/05/2024
54Customer Service2024 State Contest Details02/05/2024
55Chapter Business Procedure2024 State Contest Details02/05/2024
56Entrepreneurship2024 State Contest Details02/05/2024
57Early Childhood EducationLesson Plan Template02/05/2024
58Criminal Justice Quiz Bowl2024 State Only Contest Details02/01/2024
59Technical Drafting2024 State Contest Details01/31/2024
603-D Visualization & AnimationDetails for Contest Written Test01/30/2024
61Architectural Drafting2024 State Contest Details01/25/2024
62Chapter Business ProcedureDate & Location Change01/25/2024
63Interactive Application and Video Game DesignContest Info Part 201/25/2024
64Criminal Justice Quiz BowlStudy Guide01/25/2024
65Information Technology Services2024 State Contest Details01/24/2024
66Computer Programming2024 State Contest Details01/24/2024
67Technical Computer Applications2024 State Contest Details01/24/2024
68Cyber SecurityUpdated Contest Info: Jan. 2401/24/2024
69Interactive Application and Video Game Design2024 State Contest Details01/22/2024
70Interior Systems Drywall Installation2024 State Only Contest Details01/22/2024
71WeldingDate & Location Change01/18/2024
72Welding FabricationDate & Location Change01/18/2024
733-D Visualization & Animation2024 State Contest Details01/16/2024
74Finish CarpentryAddendum to Tool List01/15/2024
75Baking and Pastry Arts (Formerly Commercial Baking) 2024 State Contest Details01/15/2024
76TeamWorks2024 State Contest Details Plan01/15/2024
77Career Pathways Showcase: Arts and Communication2024 State Contest Details01/12/2024
78Career Pathways Showcase: Business Management & Technology2024 State Contest Details01/12/2024
79Career Pathways Showcase: Health Sciences2024 State Contest Details01/12/2024
80Career Pathways- Industrial & Engineering Technology2024 State Contest Details01/12/2024
81Career Pathways Showcase: Human Services2024 State Contest Details01/12/2024
82Career Pathways Showcase: Natural Resources/Agriculture/Food2024 State Contest Details01/12/2024
83Technology DisplayClarification of Table-Top Display01/12/2024
84Safety DisplayClarification of Table-Top Display01/12/2024
85Automated Manufacturing2024 State Contest Details01/09/2024
86Welding Sculpture2024 State Contest Details01/09/2024
87Heavy Equipment Operations2024 State Contest01/08/2024