Contest Updates

# Contest Title Date
1Architectural DraftingDistrict VI12/28/2022
2T-Shirt DesignT-Shirt Design 12/28/2022
3Job InterviewDistrict VI Job Interview12/28/2022
4Crime Scene InvestigationDistrict VI Crime Scene 12/28/2022
5Health Knowledge BowlHealth Knowledge Bowl 202212/28/2022
6Criminal Justice District VI Criminal Justice 12/28/2022
7Information Technology ServiceDistrict VI Information Technology Service/ Comp Maint12/28/2022
8Medical MathDistrict VI Medical Math 12/28/2022
9Quiz BowlDistrict VI Quiz Bowl 12/28/2022
10Health Occ Professional PortfolioDistrict VI Health Occupations Portfolio 12/28/2022
11Employment Application ProcessDistrict VI Employment Application Process12/28/2022
12Medical AssistantDistrict VI Medical Assistant 12/28/2022
13Baking and Pastry Arts (Formerly Commercial Baking) Commercial Baking 12/28/2022
14Culinary ArtsCulinary Arts 12/28/2022
15Nurse AssistingDistrict VI Nurse Assisting12/28/2022
16Electrical Construction WiringDistrict VI Electrical Construction Wiring12/28/2022
17First Aid/CPRDistrict VI First Aid / CPR12/28/2022
18HVACRDistrict VI HVACR12/28/2022
19Industrial Motor ControlDistrict VI Industrial Motor Control12/28/2022
20Diesel Equipment TechnologyDistrict VI Diesel 12/28/2022
21PlumbingDistrict VI Plumbing12/28/2022
22Precision MachiningDistrict VI Precision Machining12/28/2022
23TeamWorksDistrict VI Teamworks 12/28/2022
24Technical DraftingDistrict VI Technical Drafting12/28/2022
25WeldingDistrict VI Welding12/28/2022
26Restaurant ServiceDistrict VI Restaurant Service 12/28/2022
27Technical Computer ApplicationsDistrict VI Technical Computer Applications 12/28/2022
28CarpentryDistrict VI Carpentry12/28/2022
29Automotive Refinishing TechnologyDistrict VI12/28/2022
30Related Technical MathDistrict VI Related Technical Math 12/28/2022
31MasonryDistrict VI Masonry 12/28/2022
32Advertising DesignAdvertising Design12/28/2022
33Medical TerminologyDistrict VI Medical Terminology12/28/2022
34Automotive Service TechnologyDistrict VI12/28/2022
35Basic Health CareDistrict VI12/28/2022
36Early Childhood EducationContest update12/28/2022
37Welding FabricationContest Guidelines12/28/2022
38Action SkillsDistrict VI Action Skill12/21/2022
39Nail CareDistrict Nail Care 12/08/2022
40EstheticsDistrict VI Esthetics 12/08/2022
41CosmetologyDistrict VI Cosmetology 12/08/2022
42Prepared SpeechDistrict VI Prepared Speaking12/01/2022
43Job Skill Demonstration OpenDistrict VI Job Skill Demo O12/01/2022
44Extemporaneous SpeakingDistrict VI Extemporaneous Speaking 12/01/2022
45Job Skill Demonstration ADistrict VI Job Skill Demo A 11/15/2022
46Automated ManufacturingDistrict VI01/27/2023
47CNC 3 Axis Milling Programmer CNC 3-Axis Milling Programmer01/27/2023
48Fire FightingFirefighting Competition01/27/2023
49WeldingWelding Project 01/24/2022
50Cake Decorating Cake Decorating Guidelines01/20/2023
51Collision Repair TechnologyDistrict VI Collision Repair Technology01/20/2023
52Building ConstructionBuilding Construction Contest01/20/2023
54Automotive Maintenance and Light RepairAuto Maintenance and Light Repair guidelines update01/18/2023
55Customer ServiceDistrict VI Customer Service01/03/2023